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  •   9/9/2020 6:04 PMWildfire Recovery and Updates


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    Beachie Creek Fire Evening Update - 9/12/2020 6:35 PM

    Posted by: Fire Information - English

    ​Earlier today, September 12th, 2020, there were several cities, in Marion County, that saw their evacuation levels reduced from Level 2 to Level 1. As we move into the evening, evacuation levels continue to remain the same.

    1.) Current evacuation information for Marion County

    LEVEL 3 “GO”
    Mill City
    North Fork Rd recreation area
    Scotts Mills

    Both sides of 214 north of Silver Falls State Park to Drakes Crossing. This includes Grade Road and Bridgecreek.

    Areas east of Meridian Rd, Davis Creek and Victor Point

    Mt. Angel
    Meridian Rd South to Cascade Hwy
    West of Davis Creek
    West of Victor Point south to the County line

    To see current Marion County Evacuation Zones please visit:

    If you happen to live in fire impacted areas of Linn County, updated evacuation maps can be found at

    2.) Community safety and security

    We want to remind everyone that there continues to be road closures and there is increased presence of patrol deputies in the evacuated areas to be available for search and rescue needs and to help prevent criminal behavior in the closure areas. No new arrests were made today in the Level 3 evacuation areas. Oregon law gives law enforcement the authority to arrest individuals who fail to adhere to evacuation directives while in prohibited areas during an emergency declaration. People arrested for crimes in Level 3 evacuation areas will have a public safety override to remain in custody until the time of arraignment. We continue to receive assistance from the Oregon National Guard who is staffing road closures leading into evacuated areas.

    3.) Missing persons

    We continue to receive questions about how to report someone believed to be missing in the evacuation area within Marion County. To report a family member missing, please contact our non-emergency dispatch at 503-588-5032. As of today, we have 5 people who have been reported as missing. The total number of known fatalities in Marion County due to the Beachie Creek Fire remains at 4.

    4.) Evacuation Update Level 3 Access for Animals/Livestock

    For residents living along Highway 22 in the Santiam Canyon west of Gates Hill Road will be allowed entry into the Level 3 evacuation area for the purposes of removing and feeding animals. Residents will be required to present identification that shows residency at road closure points to be allowed entry. Residents should leave immediately after caring or loading their animals/livestock. The Level 3 areas are still a high-risk area to be in and residents entering the area need to use extreme caution. If you need assistance regarding your animals or find loose domestic animals, please contact 503-391-7294. Additional resources regarding livestock and animal shelters can be found at Oregon Department of Agriculture at

    5.) Boat Removal Information for Detroit Lake Marina & Kane’s Marina

    The Marion County Sheriff’s Office has been in regular contact with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers on water levels in Detroit Lake regarding time lines for getting boats removed from two different marinas. Based on current water level projections, Detroit Lake Marina will be accessible once it is safe to do so until September 18, 2020. Kane’s Marina boat owners will have until October 5th, 2020. Current conditions do not allow for the safe removal of boats from either marina. As a reminder, we are asking boat owners to email Marion County Marine Patrol Deputy Garrett Olson at their contact information. This will ensure all pre-planning measures can be set and ready for when safe removal can be made. Once it is determined to be safe we will advise the residents of date and time.

    6.) How to support wildfire relief efforts

    We appreciate the amazing outpouring of community support. Please avoid dropping off supplies directly at evacuation sites. Learn about current donation needs and drop off locations, please visit

    Beachie Creek Fire Evening Update - 9/12/2020 6:35 PM
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