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Our Mission


We serve the public to protect, promote, and enhance a positive quality of life in Marion County.



Delivering Excellence Every Day



Delivering Excellence Everyday

Courthouse Square


Statement of Values

Our commitment to citizens and fellow employees is to top-quality service by community-focused professionals who demonstrate the following values:

Customer Service

We treat our customers and one another with courtesy, respect, dignity, fairness, and understanding. We work to make Marion County accessible and responsive to a wide range of individual and community needs and interests. We promote flexible, creative, solutions-oriented approaches to resolving customer problems and meeting customer needs.


We hire, train, and develop our employees to be knowledgeable and expert in their respective roles. We strive for the highest levels of accuracy and quality in carrying out our responsibilities to the public.


We are honest, forthright, and ethical in our dealings with others and on behalf of the public trust. We follow-through on our commitments and we hold one another and ourselves personally accountable for doing what we promise.


We seek to make the most efficient and effective use of public resources, and we work to continuously improve our services through collaboration, innovation, and competence. We strive to create and maintain a fair, transparent and open process of government that actively seeks citizen participation and recognizes the diverse and competing interests of all of the county's constituencies.