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Amateur Radio Class - FREE

11/17/2018 8:00:00 AM
Location: 5155 Silverton Rd NE, Building 1 - Willamette Room
Posted by: Public Works - Emergency Management
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Amateur Radio Class - FREE

Event Details

MUST RSVP - Al Szymanski

This is a 2 day class

Action #1 : Go to . This is the FCC's website for obtaining your FRN ( FCC Registration Number ). Get it now - it lasts for life and you will need it to take your exams.

Action #2 : Go to and download a version ( Kindle, PDF, etc ) of the "No Nonsense Technician Class - License Study Guide" by Dan Romanchik KB6NU. This is a free document and is the most helpful guide available. It has the least wasted time and verbiage of all of the resources. Read it once , cover to cover , then start on Action #3 using the guide.

Action #3 : Start taking tests online. Here's a list of a few of them , the first being my personal favorite.   : In my humble opinion, this is the Gold Standard. Many of the questions have followup or commentary popups. Flash Cards are available as well. I took my General and my Extra using this site.   : Another very good resource. I took my Technician using this site.   : Another very good resource. Has 'Flash Cards' in addition to the actual practice exam.  : The ARRL's FCC Question Pool for downloading and home study. Also study guides and helpful hints. Download the pool and have it on hand whilst you study and take online tests.

Action #4 : Attend the first weekend class days. Bring questions that you have found to date. The format of the classes will be a Powerpoint type presentation with a "See it, Say it, Write it" attitude. This may sound a bit childish , but having taught forever , it meets almost everyones needs at some level.

Action #5 : Two weeks of study, review, lots of online test taking. Lots.

Action #6 : Last two days of class. More Powerpoint type presentations Bring your Questions and a LIST OF QUESTIONS that you repeatedly miss! This is very important.

Action #7 : Take the exam. I am going to make every effort to have an exam on the last day of the class , December 2nd.  I currently have an agreement with the local Coordinator to hold the exam on that date. If something falls apart , do not worry. There are a number of regularly scheduled exams around the Willamette Valley and Salem.

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