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  • Jul

    Eclipse information website launched for Salem area

    Posted by: Board of Commissioners Office

    ​The City of Salem and Marion County have unveiled a new website where local residents, and visitors to the area can find information regarding the August 21 eclipse. Starting now, people can go to​ for informational articles ranging from What Local Government Agencies Are Doing to Prepare for the Eclipse, to 10 Things Businesses Should Know when Preparing for The Eclipse. There is even an article about the rules of flying a drone in Salem.

    "This website is a key component to our communication strategy," says Kenny Larson, Communications Manager for the City of Salem. "We'll continually update this site with new information as it becomes available."

    Residents are encouraged to bookmark, or add it to their favorite news reading app.

    "We needed a single place where people could find safety, traffic, and general eclipse information for the region in and around Salem." adds Jolene Kelly, Public Information Officer for Marion County. "We've made sure to include content for both visitors and locals alike."

    Local and state agencies estimate that 250,000 to 500,000 people could come to the area to view the eclipse. Visitors to area are expected to arrive in force up to a week before August 21. Heavy traffic, large crowds, and cell network congestion are expected.​

    Eclipse information website launched for Salem area
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